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About us

OÜ Investment Agency was founded in 1998 and we focus on advising M&A deals. Our main services are related to the three areas: sell-side assignments, buy-side assignments and valuations and fairness opinions.

Investment Agency clients are mainly medium-sized Estonian companies. Among our clients there have been family businesses and international enterprises, local market oriented and export focused companies. Historically, we have carried out transactions in industries like commercial real estate, retail, agriculture, food industry, packaging production, metal treating, furniture industry, sewing industry etc. Approximately in half of the cases we have advised transactions where the counterparty is an international company.

Our small but great team consists of people with different background and industry experience. We are a productive combination of long-term experience and youthful creativity. Our people have previously worked, inter alia, in industries like banking, logistics and transport, energetics, restructuring of companies, asset management and stock exchange broking.

As a result of our long-term activity, we have had a chance to come across with several foreign companies operating in the same field and who have now become our good business partners. Investment Agency has business partners in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Russia. Since year 2014 we have been collaborating with Corporate Finance in Europe network that allows us to exchange information with M&A industry partners in 17 EU countries. This kind of collaboration increases our chances of finding the best possible solutions for our clients. See more: