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Seminar on 11. october „Autumn 2018 – a good time to sell a company?“

Investment Agency and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry invite entrepreneurs to a seminar
 „Autumn 2018 – a good time to sell a company?“


Time: 11.10.2018, at 10:00-14:30

Place: the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Toom-Kooli 17, Tallinn

Target audience: Company owners and managers

Seminar is held in Estonian and moderated by Marko Reikop.


The seminar of the jubilee year focuses on the topic whether the current economic situation is favorable to sell a company.

Experts will talk about how you should prepare going into a M&A transaction, impact of large infrastructure projects on Estonian
economy and the value of enterprises, company owners new roles and challenges after leaving the business, discussions about
in which phase is the economy.



 Illar Kaasik is one of the founding parties of Investment   Agency. He has participated in carrying out sales   transactions of AS Laheotsa Talu, AS Remeksi Keskus,   Ühistu Jõhvi Piim, AS Polüform, OÜ N-Kaubandus and   OÜ Ermeesia as a leading partner. Illar Kaasik has also   been a member of Eesti Põlevkivi and Rail Baltic Estonia   councils, therefore his presentation focuses on the   potential impact of major infrastructure projects to the   value of the companies.

 Tõnis Tamme, partner in Triniti:
 „Within his nearly 25 years of lawyer practice, Tõnis has   advised hundreds of national and cross-border trans-   actions in various economic sectors in total value of over   4 billion euros. He specializes on merger and acquisition   transactions and is involved in legal arrangements and   related negotiations for financing commercial activity. In   recent years he has been focusing on legal questions of   transport and infrastructure industry, including areas   such as Estonian aviation, Rail Baltica, European core   network transport corridors etc.“


 Vahur Vallistu, project manager in Swedbank:

 Vahur Vallistu has been financing company buyouts as a   project manager in Swedbank for approximately six   years and has great knowledge on the bank’s financing   practices and conditions.

 Eva-Maria Kangro PhD, trainer:

 Eva-Maria is an entrepreneur with PhD in Psychology,   trainer and process manager. Her professional portfolio   includes scientific research, psychological trainings,   organisational studies as well as management consul-   tation. In recent years Eva-Maria has focused on   advising people and organisations on agilly making   changes. This is supported by her personal experience   as an entrepreneur and promoter of changes.

 Vallot Mangus, TMB:

 TMB is a company founded in 1961 that produces   concrete elements. The company has factories in   Estonia, Finland and Latvia. TMB 2018 revenue was   124 million and operating profit 17,9 million euros.       Vallot Mangus has been involved with the company   since 1990. He was a chairman of the board in 1999-   2009. Vallot Mangus owns one third of TMB Group   shares.

 Piret Potisepp, Eesti Kaubandus-Tööstuskoda:

 Piret is currently working as a head of services   department of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and   Industry. She has extensive international experience   from three world regions (Europe, Asia, South-America).   She has previously worked in Estonian Ministry of   Economic Affairs and Communications and on several   positions in private and tertiary sector.