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Sander Danil joined the team of Investment Agency

Sander Danil has become a new member of the team of Investment Agency, a company based on Estonian capital and mainly involved with the provision of sales counseling to companies. Sander Danil took the role of an analyst with the main task to supplement the team in company research, valuation and project management areas of the business.
Previously Sander Danil has long been engaged in equity research in Eesti Ühispank (now SEB) and Hansapank (now Swedbank), including managing the Hansapank Markets’ research team in 2006-2008. In 2008-2013, he worked as a fund manager for SEB Asset Management, overseeing the SEB Eastern Europe Small Cap Fund, which focuses on smaller market capitalization companies listed in the Eastern European region.
“I have been interested in corporate finance sector for a longer period,” said Sander Danil. “I believe that current environment of continuously low interest rates is supportive for investments and economic growth, and has created favorable conditions for greater consolidation in various sectors of the economy. Therefore, both buyers and sellers are more interested in various transactions.”