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In 12-13th November 2015 will be held seminar "How to sell minority shares?"

In 12-13th November 2015 will be held seminar in the Chamber of Commerce "How to sell minority shares?". This time the seminar will focus on selling minority shares ownership. 
In 2014 seminar Investment Agency analyst Erki Katkosild spoke about how to evaluate your company with different models. The topic of minority share discount up to 90% did not get full coverage. 

-    How much are my shares worth if I have +/-10% of shares; 
-    What affects the value of shares and how can I influence the final price?;
-    We talk about Estonian practices and give examples.

Seminar schedule:

9:00  Morning coffee
10:00  Shares valuation based on the size of share of company – Erki Katkosild,  Investment Agency OÜ
10:40  Minority shares owners’ rights – Gerli Kilusk, Red Legal
11:20  Finnish practice, what is the Finnish minority shares policy – Tero  Nummenpää, Translink
12:00  Lunch
13:00  Company purchase financing? – Indrek Nuume, LHV Bank
13:40  Shares transfer from private person account to company account – Jelena  Scheberina, Finantskonsultant
14:20  Fund strategy acquiring minority shares
15:00  Panel discussion, examples from life – Illar Kaasik, Aare Kilp, Gerli Kilusk