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Aare Kilp to become a partner in Investment Agency

Aare Kilp became a partner in Investment Agency, an enterprise based on Estonian capital and involved with the provision of sales counselling to companies. Other Investment Agency partners include Illar Kaasik, Mart Lee and Indrek Uudeküll. 

“Aare is an experienced leader who possesses excellent knowledge regarding the internal management and operating principles of a company,” said Illar Kaasik, senior partner at Investment Agency. “The evaluation of a company on the basis of an outside assessment is a somewhat subjective process, which demands a lot of experience and good intuition. Aare has been the head of many major companies operating in different fields in Estonia, and a participant in the conclusion of dozens of M&A transactions,”

“For Estonian companies, the current market situation is one with an abundance of so-called cheap money: deposit volumes are increasing; deposit and loan interest rates are close to zero, and several fields are in a pre-consolidation state,” said Aare Kilp, a partner at Investment Agency. “Interest in transactions is growing among both sellers and buyers. This is a field that is close to my heart, where I have worked for years and also concluded many M&A transactions. There are a lot of opportunities on the market,”

Aare Kilp has been involved in the following M&A transactions: 

  • privatisation of Eesti Kindlustus;
  • takeover and merger of Eesti Tööstuspank;
  • purchase of FABA bank;
  • purchase of Zemes Pank;
  • sale of Linnuse Kali;
  • sale of;
  • purchase and merger of 3 private colleges with International University Audentes;
  • purchase and merger of 11 coach companies under Go Bus and the division of the real estate unit;
  • purchase of a travel agency in the Go Group, structuring of the group.

Investment Agency ( is a company founded in 1998, providing counselling in M&A transactions, the preparation of companies for sale, and the sales process. Investment Agency has provided counselling on the preparation for sale or on the sales process to more than 30 companies, organised several funding processes, and conducted many company value assessments.
Investment Agency is a member of the Corporate Finance in Europe 
( network.

Additional information:
Illar Kaasik, senior partner at Investment Agency 
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Aare Kilp, partner at Investment Agency
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