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2014 is EU funding gap year for the next funding period 2014-2020.

Estonian government approved in March EU structural funding draft bill for 2014-2020. Estonia will receive 5.9B€ for the period which is 0.9B€ more than it was for the previous period. The biggest growth was in agriculture sector where the subsidies grew from 1.2B€ to 1,73B€. Also Estonia will be able to apply for additional funding for the Rali Baltica project that will add another 1B€ to the total sum.

2014 will pass as preparation year and there will not be EU funding to the economy So we will see the beneficial side starting from next year at the beginning of 2015. So we could presume that some sectors e.g. construction, agriculture etc. will have slightly lower investments than it was in 2013. There will be decline in construction price index, which will enable to start new developments. We could also presume that when the Rail Baltica project is lunched there significant increase in constructions specially in road construction sector.

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