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A company’s sales process consists of the following stages:

  1. Preparing the company before the sale
  2. Sector market research — analysis of the economic performance of the sector’s companies, acquiring information on purchase and sale transactions, analysis of public statistical databases
  3. Brief summary, compiling the sales brochure and value assessment
  4. Agreeing on the trading price
  5. Determining the target group and activating resellers and partners
  6. Gathering and updating data during sales process, forwarding necessary information to potential investors
  7. Compiling a newsletter about the current economic activity of the company on sale
  8. Negotiations and haggling over the price
  9. Advising with the letter of intent (LOI)
  10. Advising the company on pre-sale audit (Due Diligence)
  11. Advising the compiling of a purchase and sale agreement and monitoring the execution of the contract