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​Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Mergers — finding a strategic partner for the company
  • Acquisitions — company’s growth through acquisitions, consolidation within the sector
  • Advising the MBO or the management buyout
  • Advising the LBO or the leveraged buyout
  • Separating the company’s units and organising the sales
  • Advising on distributions and reorganisations
  • Advising on sales of minority shareholding

Pre-sale preparation of the company

  • The pre-sale preparation of the company consists of the following stages:
  • The company’s description and identifying the activities and profit units
  • Choosing the partners (description?)
  • Legal advisor
  • Taxation
  • Appraisers for real estate and other assets
  • Selecting the potential financiers for the deal
  • Determining the possible form of the deal
  • Valuation of the company
  • Identifying assets not related to the main activity
  • Preparing the company for a pre-sale audit (Due Diligence)
  • Mapping potential buyers and sector analysis
  • Identifying possible liabilities and risks after the sale

Organising the sales of a company

  • A company’s sales process consists of the following stages:
  • Preparing the company before the sale
  • Sector market research — analysis of the economic performance of the sector’s companies, acquiring information on purchase and sale transactions, analysis of public statistical databases
  • Brief summary, compiling the sales brochure and value assessment
  • Agreeing on the trading price
  • Determining the target group and activating resellers and partners
  • Gathering and updating data during sales process, forwarding necessary information to potential investors
  • Compiling a newsletter about the current economic activity of the company on sale
  • Negotiations and haggling over the price
  • Advising with the letter of intent (LOI)
  • Advising the company on pre-sale audit (Due Diligence)
  • Advising the compiling of a purchase and sale agreement and monitoring the execution of the contract