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Delux Holding acquired Gomab OÜ

Gomab OÜ - a company that manufactures solid wood furniture mainly for export has a new owner - Askala OÜ from Delux group. The role of Investment Agency in the transaction was to advise Gomab’s owners.

Gomab is a mid-sized furniture company with more than 200 workers and its production site is located next to the Latvian border in Valga which forms a twin city with Valka on the Latvian side. Gomab is an assignee of Valga Mööblivabrik, which was established in 1963. Gomab’s production is sold for export. Main target markets are Germany and Austria. With the transaction, Delux acquired a territory of over 50 000 square meters and about 30 000 square meters of production space. Delux is a well-known brand primarily in Scandinavia that focuses on the production and sales of beds, mattresses, blankets and pillows. Delux’es first investment to Estonia goes back to 1993 when a production site was established in Viljandi. Last year, Delux decided to expand into solid wood furniture business and acquired Askala OÜ.

„The local furniture industry has plenty of challenges despite strong economic growth in Estonia. A very low inflationary environment in Western Europe does not allow local producers to increase export prices. Labor costs are increasing rapidly at the same time, which puts pressure on margins. Local companies have to compete with companies from other parts of Eastern Europe and elsewhere where labor is cheaper. In order to stay competitive, one has to cut costs, improve efficiencies or expand. A faster alternative to organic growth is an acquisition“, a partner of Investment Agency Sulev Raik explained. „The merger of Askala and Gomab brings up synergies and economies of scale. It improves the company’s competitive outlook and opens up new opportunities”, Raik added. 

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